B&B Best Lines Monday 4/11/16

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Monday 4/11/16


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Deacon: You thought you killed me, huh?

Quinn: Deacon.

Deacon: You thought I was dead and drowned, washed out to sea.

Quinn: You -- you survived.

Deacon: You want to know what kept me alive, what kept me swimming, my head above that black, cold water? It was thinking about this moment, thinking about coming back here for you.

Quinn: Let me go get you a towel.

Deacon: I wouldn't worry about getting me a towel. I think if I were you... I think if I were you, I'd worry a hell of a lot more about whether I'm gonna bury this ax in your skull.

Quinn: You won't.

Deacon: Want to bet?

Quinn: Oh, come on. You're not really mad at me, are you?

Deacon: You pushed me off a cliff!

Quinn: Well, you were being such a drag, trying to convince me that things weren't gonna work out with Liam.

Deacon: And did they? I come here, and I find you locked in a closet. Liam's nowhere to be seen. So, I'm thinking maybe I was right.

Quinn: I'm feeling really stressed out right now, and I don't want to hear you tell me, "I told you so."

Deacon: I. Told. You. So. But no, no, no, no. No, you wouldn't listen, would you? No, you had to lead me to believe that you were gonna kill Liam to save your own hide when, in reality, you were gonna off me the whole time.

Quinn: Well, it's a really good thing that all those years on your high-school swim team paid off.

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