B&B Best Lines Monday 3/14/16

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Monday 3/14/16


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Deacon: I've been to prison, Quinn. That was my life for too long. Frankly, you'd fit right in. Hell, you'd probably wind up running the place. But the thing is, you'd wind up being a beast in a cage.

Quinn: Nobody's committing a crime.

Deacon: Uh...murder? So, you're gonna do it, aren't you?

Quinn: I protect what's important to me.

Deacon: And anyone who gets in your way has a bad habit of falling from high heights -- you know, bridges, helicopters, trails with canyons.

Quinn: We were good once, weren't we?

Deacon: I thought so.

Quinn: We could be again.

Deacon: Yeah, right. Murder as a team sport.

Quinn: I know exactly what needs to be done. It's kind of my superpower. And your superpower is being my genie to command. You're my doer. You're my muscle.

Deacon: Mm. Just like a trained dog. Charming. That kid -- my daughter used to love him. For all I know, she still does. I can't raise a hand to him.

Quinn: Maybe I don't need your hands.

Deacon: Then what?

Quinn: Maybe I just need your trust.

Deacon: And what happens then, Quinn? I'm broke. I got nothing. People don't like me. They don't like you, and they smell you on me. Now, look, I know I was a crummy husband, but I tried. So, what are you telling me? That -- that -- that maybe, somehow, someway, I-I still fit into your life?

Quinn: You could be the doorway to every happy ending.

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