B&B Best Lines Monday 3/7/16

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Monday 3/7/16


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Rick: So this is your tactic? To bluff?

Ridge: Rick, that whole area's gonna be gentrified in another five years, and that corner is gonna be perfect for a boutique. Why don't you get that?

Rick: Oh, I get it. It's exactly what you did to me.

Ridge: What?

Rick: You were disingenuous. You lied. You -- you pretended that you didn't want something that you really did want.

Ridge: Which was what?

Rick: Getting me out of that house!

Ridge: You left that house of your own accord.

Rick: You played me. You used that portrait of Stephanie to force my hand. You really don't care or give a damn what portrait is on the wall, do you? You provoked me to walking out, and in the same day, you moved Caroline and yourself in.

Ridge: My mother's portrait deserves a place of prominence in her home.

Rick: With all due respect to Stephanie, the baton has been passed.

Ridge: It has? To whom? You and Maya? Really?

Rick: To a Forrester. A son of Eric Forrester. Which, uh, that's not you.

Ridge: Uh-huh. You got to be careful playing that card, because your dad sided with me.

Rick: Well, how could he not? You just heaped on the guilt.

Ridge: What guilt is that, Rick?

Rick: Stephanie's portrait. You manipulated dad, me, Maya. Hey, who else are you manipulating? 'Cause sometimes I have to wonder. You're dismissing me?

Ridge: I'm not --Okay, if you want to call it that, yes. I'm dismissing you.

Rick: I'm not your employee, Ridge.

Ridge: Then what are you, Rick? What are you? You're just a sad boy who doesn't want to be stepped on?

Rick: You know it's coming to haunt you, right?

Ridge: It is haunting me! You're in my office all the time!

Rick: I'm not talking about me. I'm talking about someone else that you've taken advantage of, something you've done. It's out there. I'm also gonna tell you something else, Ridge. You keep on pushing people, the day will come someone will push back.

Ridge: All right. Thank you. I will take that advice and i will file it with all the other...great pieces of wisdom you've given me over the years. But right now, I got to focus on leading this company and this family forward.

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