B&B Best Lines Wednesday 2/24/16

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Wednesday 2/24/16


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Brooke: I can't believe he's doing this all because of a portrait.

Nicole: Wait, so if that's not our home anymore, where are we supposed to go?

Brooke: Your father won't be okay with this when he finds out.

Rick: He already knows. Once again Ridge has succeeded at manipulating Dad.

Maya: I'm sure it's difficult for Eric to be caught in the middle.

Zende: Wait, I thought Ridge had a loft in Venice.

Rick: Oh, he does. Guess he got tired of it, so he hatched this plan.

Nicole: What do you mean?

Rick: He took Maya's portrait off the wall, replaced it with Stephanie's. I made it clear that I'm not stepping foot in that house until Maya's portrait is back up there. Guess what he does. Doesn't put it back up.

Brooke: He was staking his claim knowing you wouldn't want to live there.

Rick: Well, it's the principle. He used Stephanie's portrait to get Maya and me out, so he and Caroline could move in.

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