B&B Best Lines Thursday 1/14/16

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Thursday 1/14/16


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Zende: No. He just told us to shoot and see how it goes.

Nicole: So, this is like a trial period?

Sasha: Oh, no, no. This -- this is our big break. I mean, Zende's photos completely knocked Rick out, and these are gonna be even better.

Nicole: Yeah. Seems like it.

Sasha: You know, I was really starting to wonder what I was even doing in LA, but... well, look at me now. I've been given this amazing opportunity, and, Nic, I have you and Zende to thank. I'm so grateful that I came out here and that I have the both of you in my life.

Sasha: You hear about stories like this. You read about them in magazines, but you never think they're gonna happen to you.

Nicole: Just your luck.

Sasha: And with your morning sickness. I mean, think about it. If you hadn't gotten sick, who knows? I might be planning a trip back home right now, instead of working at Forrester Creations with my BFF! Girl, we are gonna rock this place, just like in high school. Come on! Deejay, hit it!

Zende: We should capture this energy.

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