B&B Best Lines Monday 10/26/15

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Monday 10/26/15


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Rick: All right. You know what? Maybe we should all just sit down, have some dinner. We can discuss this later.

Julius: No amount of fine dining is going to change this or disguise it. Does that mean that you want my other daughter, too, Rick?

Rick: Excuse me?

Maya: Is this what you mean by one big happy family?

Julius: So, does this mean that we're supposed to all be at your disposal? You are too young to understand what we're talking about here.

Nicole: I have been on my own long enough to understand more than you think.

Julius: A child from your body? You have no idea what you're offering. Am I right, Vivienne? Am I right?

Katie: You know, if you eat that, you're not gonna be hungry for dinner.

Bill: I'm in the mood for leftovers. Ridge does that to you.

Katie:  That's funny. Give me that.

Bill: I look at him and I think of all the leftovers of his 12 or so marriages and romances.

Katie: You do realize that you're gonna have to get over this for Caroline, right? I mean, she loves him. She married him. She's having his baby. I mean, are you really gonna start some kind of family feud where people have to choose sides.

Bill: There is something not right about this baby situation, Katie. They weren't having a kid, they weren't having a kid, they were not having a kid, and now they're having a kid.

Katie: Yeah, well, they changed their minds. That's what you say Ridge does best.

Bill: All those years he was so careful not to be anyone's baby daddy.

Katie: Well, it only takes one moment of weakness.  Ah, ah, ah! First you have to say you're happy for Caroline.

Bill: I'd rather die from dehydration.

Katie: Ah. Not Ridge, just Caroline -- only Caroline.

Bill: She's gonna be raising the world's most spoiled brat -- and his kid.

Katie: That's good. That's a good one. She's happy. You know, if I had a nickel for every time people said to me, "How can you still be married to 'Dollar' Bill Spencer?" I would make you look like a pauper.

Bill: What people?

Katie: You know, people. And do you know what I say to them?

Bill: "He's handsome, rich, powerful, and really funny."

Katie: That and I say that we're happy together and that's all that matters. That trumps everything. Caroline is happy with Ridge. You don't have to be happy with him.

Bill: Katie, it's a mistake. She's married, baby on the way, and messing around with the Forresters. I am telling you it's gonna blow up in Caroline's face.

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