B&B Best Lines Wednesday 9/30/15

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Wednesday 9/30/15


Provided By Wanda

Deacon: So, you notice anything different?

Quinn: New jacket.

Deacon: You didn't even look.

Quinn: I get a text alert every time you charge over $100 on my card.

Deacon: Wait. Wait a second. Wait. I could -- I could charge like $95 a day 10 times a day, and you wouldn't even know it?

Quinn: Do not doubt that I would know.

Deacon: Well, I still think I look damn sexy, if I do say so myself.

Quinn: Yeah, well, you should go and ask yourself out on a date. What is up with our PR database? It's just a bunch of smiling executives. Who wants to see that?

Deacon: I got to say, Steffy is hot.

Quinn: What, did I marry a middle-schooler? She's the same age as your daughter.

Deacon: Hey, look, all I'm saying is maybe you ought to consider designing something specifically for her -- you know, kind of ingratiate yourself to the boss. Maybe we could have her for dinner.

Quinn: That's not gonna happen anytime soon -- not with Liam attached to her hip.

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