B&B Best Lines Thursday 7/23/15

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Thursday 7/23/15


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Liam: After the show, we all came back here for the party, noticed Aly wasn't around, and so Ivy went upstairs to check on her.

Wyatt: Yeah, and the next thing we know, Ivy's coming down telling us to come up there.

Liam: Aly has this -- what is -- it's a collage, basically, of all these photos of Steffy and Maya x'ed out, angry writing scribbled all over them.

Thorne: What?

Wyatt: One of them has Steffy's face with a nail through the head.

Liam: Which is particularly concerning. I mean, one time Steffy and I were working on the lingerie line, and Steffy was wearing a piece from the collection when Aly walked in, and Aly went off on Steffy.

Thorne: What happened?

Liam: She called Steffy a slut and said she's flaunting herself and ruining ivy's life, and Steffy said that after I left, she brought up Taylor killing her mom and said that Steffy is just like her.

Thorne: I was afraid of that. So much has happened that it's left her lost. I mean, the car accident, losing Darla when was so young, so unprepared for life without her mother. You know, Aly's always been delicate, fragile. And she -- she feels things so intensely, which is great when things are good, but... not so good when she's in pain.

Maya: That couldn't have been easy for you, either.

Thorne: I just want to help my daughter, you know? And Aly tries. She really tries. But she's never gotten over the loss of her mother. Has she, uh, she been seeing Darla?

Liam: She did mention something about that to Steffy, yeah.

Thorne: I'd bet on it.

Wyatt: Wait, is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Thorne: That depends on what's in Aly's head.

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