B&B Best Lines Monday 6/1/15

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Monday 6/1/15


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Eric: This -- this is a pipe dream... some kind of revenge fantasy of yours. You can't remove me.

Ridge: This... is about ownership. I own 20%... Steffy has 25%... we have Thomas' proxy for 5%... and Liam controls his father's 12.5%. So, we are revoking your power to name the next CEO of this company.

Eric: The hell you are. I have the loyalty of all those employees out there. You know what they think of you? They think of you as some kind of entitled egomaniac. One word from me, and they all walk. I hope the three of you can sew.

Ridge: You're right, Dad. The employees worship you. And if you ask them to leave, 8 out of 10 would. And we would replace them.

Liam: This is getting too hypothetical.

Ridge: And this is really how you want to reward them for their loyalty? You want to leave them jobless?

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