B&B Best Lines Friday 5/29/15

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Friday 5/29/15


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Eric: Ridge, you have made your objections very clear to me. There's nothing else you can do.

Ridge: That's not necessarily true, Dad. Thomas signed a proxy. I now control his 5%. Steffy's gonna vote with me. And so is Liam.

Eric: I see. Liam's not a stockholder.

Liam: I control the Spencer 12.5%.

Ridge: I didn't want it to come to this at all.

Eric: Ridge, you wouldn't do this.

Steffy: He didn't want to.

Ridge: I asked you to terminate Rick's contract because his behavior is getting worse and worse, and you refused.

Liam: He's making Ivy and Aly's life miserable. He shot a gun at my cousin.

Ridge: We own 62.5% of this company, and we want to protect its future.

Eric: I don't see how you can go ahead with this.

Ridge: I'm overruling you, Dad. Rick's tenure as CEO just ended.

Eric: No, I decide who runs this company!

Ridge: You don't decide, Dad! We decide.

Eric: You can't do this! You can't do this.

Ridge: You're making me do this, Dad. What am I supposed to do? You left me no choice! I'm grateful for everything you taught me...

Eric: Oh... oh, no. No.

Ridge: ...And the legacy you left for this family, the way you ran this company from day one until just now. And now we need a change for leadership. Rick's time is over. Your time is over.

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