B&B Best Lines Tuesday 5/26/15

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Tuesday 5/26/15


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Liam: It's not even that. I'm just mad, you know. I'm mad. Like, where's the sensitivity? Where's -- where's the sense of human decency?

Ivy: Well -- well, your dad might have accomplished one thing. Ridge seems awfully certain that the base of power at Forrester is shifting. Rick could be on the way out.

Liam: You know, I think you just put your finger on the conflict. I mean, I'm not happy at all that Spencer Publications went to press with Maya's story. It's beyond awful to take something as personal and private as gender identity and put somebody on blast for it. And yet...it may serve our purposes.

Ivy: Liam, look, this is precisely why your dad did it. Don't you see that? He wasn't doing it to be malicious or to deliberately go out and hurt Maya.

Liam: Oh, I know. I know. I get that it's just business, and that's exactly what I don't like about the corporate life. I mean, humanity gets lost in the race for a profit.

Ivy: Yeah, I know, but that's not gonna happen to you.

Liam: Don't be so sure. Being appalled at exposing Maya hasn't stopped me from hoping it works. So in that sense, maybe I am more like my father than I care to admit. And you know what's scary, Ivy? You know what's terrifying? Is that I can live with that if it means protecting you and Caroline from Rick.

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