B&B Best Lines Wednesday 5/6/15

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Wednesday 5/6/15


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Eric: Well, she would go to a judge to get a legal name change and to get a new ID, but not just to keep it a secret.

Brooke: But she is keeping it a secret from Rick.

Eric: No, I think -- I think maybe "secret's" the wrong word. It certainly would feel like that to her. To her, I think it's more like -- it's more personal, it's more private.

Ridge: What? Private? Wait. So -- so, she's keeping something private from the man she's living with? What's the difference?

Eric: Well, she's a woman. A womanly woman. I mean, she's not hiding that from Rick.

Brooke: Secret, private, whatever. The fact is she's withholding very important information from the man that she claims to love.

Eric: Maya is the most successful lead model we've had here since you. A whole panel of doctors and psychiatrists have signed off on her new identity. Now, if she's feminine enough for them, she should be feminine enough --

Ridge: Dad, dad, dad, dad. No one is proposing we go after her with torches and pitchforks, but we have to try to protect this company. So a couple of things -- I think, number one, we need to deal with this internally. We can't have this media circus. We just can't do it. And number two, we all know what's gonna happen to Rick when he finds out. He's gonna blow his top. So...maybe it's not a bad idea to ease him out of Forrester for a little while so he can deal with this privately.

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