B&B Best Lines Wednesday 4/29/15

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Wednesday 4/29/15


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Wyatt: Maya's bold and powerful and not afraid to put herself out there.

Liam: Those Rick's words?

Wyatt: Just before he told me that I don't even know her at all.

Bill: Why did he say that?

Wyatt: Well, because Ivy and I were using gemstones that were less than adequate for Maya. He said that she wouldn't wear something that cheap.

Katie: Ha! She has expensive taste.

Wyatt: Yeah. And in that one meeting, he jacked up our gemstone budget. I don't know who the hell's gonna buy this stuff except maybe royalty.

Liam: Yeah, well, there go your profits.

Wyatt: Exactly.

Bill: Guy's out of his mind.

Wyatt: He got lucky. He priced the couture line right out of sight just to make Ridge and Caroline look like failures.

Liam: And yet, to everyone's surprise, it sold like hotcakes anyway.

Wyatt: And then he took the credit.

Bill: That won't happen again.

Wyatt: Not with jewelry. Only this time, Ivy and I will be the scapegoats.

Bill: All right, look, the guy has to go. I'm not gonna have my family take the fall for his stupidity.

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