B&B Best Lines Monday 3/23/15

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Monday 3/23/15


Provided By Wanda

Nicole: Why couldn't you just wear the clothes?

Maya: Because being myself isn't an outfit that I can put and take off.

Nicole: But if you didn't look right in the dress, didn't that tell you something? Namely that you were a boy?

Maya: Never. I never was.

Nicole: I mean the way nature made you.

Maya: This is the way I was born. Every third woman in this town has a little bit of work done. New chin, a new nose, new breasts. Who knows what kind of private alterations? Would you go up to her on the street and ask how many? Is she not a woman because some rebuilding has been involved?

Nicole: It's not the same thing, and you know it.

Maya: I knew I worried dad from a young age. Other people didn't catch on until I was...about the age you were when I picked you up from school. But I always knew.

Nicole: You couldn't. Kids don't think like that.

Maya: I knew I wasn't supposed to say anything. Nobody had to tell me that. I hated haircuts and Sundays. Little boys had a freedom that little girls don't have, and I never complained about that. But come Sunday... I knew that I was supposed to be wearing dresses like the other little girls at church. Our mother said I would grow out of it. That lots of little boys play with dolls, she said.

Nicole: She said those were her dolls.

Maya: She was always trying to protect me. Make excuses for me. Mothers will do that. Maybe it was how much I got sent home from school or how much I got beat up that made her panic. But at a certain point, I stopped panicking. And I realized I'm not a freak. I know this is a shock for you. But the reason that you have only known me as your older sister is because that's who I am. It's who I've always been.

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