B&B Best Lines Wednesday 3/11/15

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Wednesday 3/11/15


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Rick: Yeah, what is it?

Ivy: I need a few minutes.

Rick: Then make an appointment like everyone else does.

Ivy: No, Rick. I'm not everyone else. I'm family, and we're gonna talk. Family means respect, and right now, we're getting none.

Rick: And what about the attitude that everyone's been dishing out towards me, towards Maya? That's respect?

Ivy: It's a reaction to how we're being treated.

Rick: Oh.

Ivy: Right now, we're only good for polishing your shoes and mixing your drinks, not much else.

Rick: I'm sorry. I'm sorry that you feel that way. I'll rectify the situation.

Maya: Rick treats everyone as a valued employee.

Ivy: Can you not? Because I'm here talking to my cousin, not his girlfriend. Rick, the way you are treating Aly, another one of your family members, is despicable -- kicking her out of her bedroom, making her feel like some temporary live-in whose only purpose is to serve you and Maya. Do you actually have any intention of putting her shoe line into production, because we don't -- we don't actually think you do. So I'm here to warn you right now. If you --

Rick: That's quite enough. Who do you think you're speaking to? Lecturing me on respect when you haven't even earned it yourself. And right now, Ivy, you have not.

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