B&B Best Lines Tuesday 3/10/15

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Tuesday 3/10/15


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Quinn: Do you know what Brooke had the nerve to say to me? That she was surprised that you didn't dump me the minute you found out that I slapped her stupid face. And she also told me that I might as well take my engagement ring off because she forbids us from ever getting married -- forbids us! Who even says that?!

Deacon: Quinn, who cares what Brooke says? Come on, baby. We're getting married. That's all that matters. Look, I get why you're upset. I really do. I mean, admittedly, Brooke is not the most diplomatic person around, and she, you know, can't stand you, but you could be the bigger person.

Quinn: I am the bigger person.

Deacon: Come on. All I'm saying is just cut her some slack. She's going through a rough patch.

Quinn: Cut her some slack? Please. What happened? Did she break a perfectly manicured nail?

Deacon: I told you she's been drinking -- enough to cause me concern.

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