B&B Best Lines Monday 2/23/15

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Monday 2/23/15


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Caroline: You haven't been here, Eric. You don't know what hell it's been working for this company, for your company.

Ridge: I'll be glad to listen to anyone who has anything to say.

Ridge: Okay. Good. Come on in, you guys. Come on. I asked Pam to put some key players together so they can tell you how they've suffered under little Napoleon.

Caroline: If no one objects, I'd like to go first. Go ahead and get me out of the way. Though it feels weird to complain because Rick became a monster because of me.

Pam: No, Caroline. Don't take that on yourself. Rick got a little taste of power, and it went straight to his ego.

Caroline: I have to take some of the responsibility, but you're right, Pam, not all of it. Because I was willing to work on our problems in private, but Rick brought them into the office. He -- he never missed an opportunity to put me down. He diminished my work, and I'm a good designer.

Ridge: You're a great designer.

Caroline: But Rick tried to make me doubt myself and my position here. I mean, he -- he threatened to fire me at least twice a day, and my confidence took a real hit, or it would have if it wouldn't have been for Ridge.

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