B&B Best Lines Monday 2/2/15

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Monday 2/2/15


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Brooke: There's nothing wrong with you, Maya. I just feel that Rick has moved on way too quickly, living with you too soon, hanging your picture above the fireplace. I'm concerned.

Rick: There's nothing to be concerned about.

Brooke: You brought a gun into the office.

Rick: To give to my attorney.

Brooke: You shot it. You could have killed somebody.

Rick: I fired a couple shots -- nowhere near them, by the way. You might have done the same thing if you saw them making out on the couch. It repulses me. And don't say it's because I still care, because I don't. I've moved on. Caroline's no better than Amber. I thought she had grace. I thought she had class. But it doesn't matter when you're just another liar.

Brooke: Rick, you're looking for perfection. You're not going to find it in anybody.

Rick: No, but I can get a hell of a lot closer. The divorce papers are signed. I'm with Maya now. And Caroline -- well, it appears she's moved on with Ridge. As sickening as it is... maybe it's for the best.

Brooke: If you think you have a future with Ridge...

Caroline: Who says I don't?

Brooke: Oh, boy.

Caroline: What?

Brooke: Caroline, if I wanted to have Ridge back, I could have him...just...like...that.

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