B&B Best Lines Friday 1/30/15

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Friday 1/30/15


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Liam: Listen, Forrester is going down with or without us.

Bill: You're thinking Rick's gonna drive it into the ground.

Liam: I'm thinking Rick's gonna drive it off of a cliff, and without anyone to keep him in check, watch out, innocent bystanders.

Bill: You're concerned that Hope's line will be a casualty.

Liam: Honestly, I'm concerned about Caroline. 'Cause once she's finally enjoying the best success of her life, Rick is grinding her down to a bloody pulp, and why should we have to put up with that, huh? I mean, why should -- what?

Bill: Nothing. Nothing. I just -- I just like what I'm hearing. So what are you thinking?

Liam: I'm thinking with Caroline designing, I could run that company and put Rick Forrester out to pasture.

Bill: That's my boy! Leaping into action over a damsel in distress. As a business strategy, it's a little bit like chocolate-flavored scotch, but that's all right. I'm good with it.

Liam: What? Forrester is a natural acquisition for us. I mean, Spencer already dominates the fashion media, so what if the stuff we're featuring is our own?

Bill: You know, you almost sound like you've been eating meat. Or are you just impersonating a cold-hearted bastard to butter me up?

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