B&B Best Lines Thursday 1/15/15

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Thursday 1/15/15


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Ridge: All right. Now I see fear. Why is that? Are you afraid of me?

Caroline: No.

Ridge: Okay. Then what is it?

Caroline: Is... that how she looked? To you? The other Caroline.

Ridge: My first love.

Caroline: Yeah.

Ridge: You're not that. You're not her. And fear -- there was fear... but not of each other. Just of what was gonna happen. And do you look like her? Yeah, you do. Do you remind me of her? Yes, sometimes you do. She was, um... she -- she was a studied woman, and she was deliberate... and she was sweet. And you're not deliberate. You're not reckless. And you're not sweet. But I'm not living in my past, Caroline. I know exactly where I am, and I know exactly who's standing in front of me.

Caroline: You don't think I'm sweet. No, you're right. I'm not. And I'm not reckless. This... this thing that's... leading me to you, if it was... if it was just wanting you, if it was just... purely physical, then --

Ridge: Then we would have done it already.

Rick: I'll go.

Maya: Oh, no, no, no, no. Don't worry about it. So, uh, just down the back stairs and into the basement, I guess?

Rick: Uh, no, actually, it's the wine cellar. It's more like a vault.

Maya: Oh. How vampiric of you.

Rick: Well, this is California. We have earthquakes. We don't want to waste our precious wine with the house collapsing on it.

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