B&B Best Lines Thursday 12/18/14

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Thursday 12/18/14


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Rick: It's just so hard to be alone with her.

Maya: Something happen?

Rick: You know, it's easy to run the con when I'm at work, be lovey-dovey in front of everybody, convince my dad that I really want this farce of a marriage. But when I'm at home, alone with Caroline, it's like I just want to jump out of my skin, and she wants a full relationship. I can't give that to her.

Maya: And you better not. 'Cause I did not sign on for that. So, what do you tell her?

Rick: I tell her that I've been tired, stressed out, overworked. She looks at me all distraught. That's fine. That's her bad karma coming back to her. There was nothing wrong with our relationship. She's the one that looked elsewhere. That's on Caroline, not me.

Maya: You know what you can't lose sight of is the motivating factor in all of this. Caroline betrayed you with ridge, of all people. And you were committed to that woman. You doted on her, and she threw your love in your face.

Rick: That she did.

Maya: And now what? She's sorry? She wants to act like nothing ever happened?

Rick: Every time Caroline touches me, all I can think about is her hands on Ridge. Then I start thinking about all that time spent behind closed doors, collaborating. Then all the questions start up in my head. She lied to me before. Is she doing it again? How far did it actually go? I know they said it was a few kisses, but...

Maya: You know what I want this apartment to be for you?

Rick: What's that?

Maya: A Caroline-free zone. A happy place. Okay? Starting now.

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