B&B Best Lines Monday 12/8/14

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Monday 12/8/14


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Deacon: Just will you give me a chance, please? I mean, before you do something as extreme as a restraining order. I mean, come on, man. It's your mother.

Wyatt: Hey. I don't want to do this. But what choice do I have? She's not getting the message. And Hope is freaked out. So am I. And I even grew up with her.

Deacon: I talked to her, all right? She promised me that she'll back off.

Wyatt: She won't. How many times have I told her? And Hope doesn't even want her around anymore. She refuses to hear it. No. Maybe a restraining order will finally get her to understand that she has to stay away. I need to stop my mom from seeing hope again. Otherwise... I don't know what'll happen.

Deacon: Wyatt, all Quinn wants to do is be a grandmother to your kid.

Wyatt: I get that! I want that, too! But why can't she see that she needs to stay away for that to even happen? If she'd just leave Hope alone and just give her some peace and prove to her that she's not some psycho, but no. She's not even using any kind of common sense. Deacon, she showed up to her ultrasound dressed like a freaking nurse. A nurse. Enough is enough. Why would Hope want her to be a grandmother to our child? Why would I even want her in my life at all? No. She needs to stay the hell away.

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