B&B Best Lines Monday 11/17/14

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Monday 11/17/14


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Wyatt: Hope, I'm sorry. I know that it seems like I was meddling by hiring the boat for Ivy and Liam.

Hope: I just thought you were hiring it for us.

Wyatt: I -- I planned a romantic evening right here.

Hope: Not before you planned theirs, made sure they were alone first.

Wyatt: To get them out of our hair! I'm sorry. I can't tiptoe around this anymore. Yes, I wanted to do something nice for my brother. But I also did it for us. I want Liam to move on. I want us all to move on. Don't you? Aren't you sick of the sad puppy faces? Those looks of regret and remorse from across the room? And if Ivy can help in that and if Ivy can do something about that, then why don't we just let her do us a favor? And maybe I got a little impatient. But come on. I just got them a private boat ride to see Amsterdam. I didn't threaten anybody. No one was in danger. I mean, really. Who did it hurt?

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