B&B Best Lines Tuesday 10/21/14

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Tuesday 10/21/14


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Deacon: You know Hope's just trying to protect her kid.

Quinn: From its grandmother?

Deacon: Well, granny does have a history of threatening people with swords. I mean, come on, baby. It's not like you're spending your afternoons knitting.

Quinn: Well, I can knit. I could learn if she gave me the chance... if she gave us the chance. I am trying to bring peace and harmony into this family. I'm her mother-in-law. I'm this baby's grandmother. I should be throwing her a baby shower, helping her pick out names, helping her decorate her nursery, and this is how she treats me? And you -- you poor man. I mean, you were just -- you were trying to get her to understand that there's somebody special in your life. What kind of a person gives her father an ultimatum like that? She can't dictate who you spend time with. In a matter of months, she is going to be a mother, and she's throwing these huge temper tantrums. It's -- it's ridiculous. She's being completely unreasonable.

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