B&B Best Lines Wednesday 10/15/14

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Wednesday 10/15/14


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Hope: Great. Then there's nothing to discuss.

Quinn: Can you blame me for not wanting to be purged from the only family I have in this world?

Hope: I am not accountable for that. You are.

Quinn: Yeah, but I have apologized for that.

Hope: Your apologies mean nothing.

Quinn: Okay. Then, um... then forget about the apologies. I'm just asking, from the bottom of your heart, to please forgive me.

Hope: No. There is a price to pay for your behavior, and that price is expulsion -- from this house, from my family. I am not going to put my child's life at risk, and with you around, that is a definite possibility.

Quinn: I am going to be a grandmother. So is your mother. Could you imagine the pain that she would feel if you were to tell her that she could never be a part of your baby's life? You couldn't live with that, but you're -- you're asking your husband to? Despite my many faults, Wyatt loves me. Do you think it's gonna be easy for him to be the kind of father that he has always dreamed of being, knowing that his mother is in anguish, day after day, because she can never see his son or his daughter? I want to improve. I'm trying to improve. But I need help. I mean, shutting me out isn't the way to do it. We're family. A child is coming. Babies are supposed to bring everyone together. I am -- I'm asking you again -- please, look into your heart and forgive me.

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