B&B Best Lines Monday 9/15/14

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Monday 9/15/14


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Liam: Damn it. I should have known.

Ivy: How? Who would ever have known that?

Liam: Me! Me! I should have known. Ever since Quinn showed up, every single problem between Hope and me has led back to her. Can -- can you play the airport footage part?

Charlie: Sure. There she is -- the wicked witch of the west, dressed appropriately in black.

Ivy: And she's wearing a scarf and sunglasses -- some kind of a disguise.

Pam: Yeah, but you don't doubt it's Quinn.

Liam: No, no, no. It's -- it's her. It's definitely her, but hope has to believe it.

Charlie: Mm-hmm. Well, we have Quinn's scanned passport.

Pam: Paris stamped right there in bold, undeniable letters.

Charlie: In law-enforcement lingo, we call that the big gotcha.

Pam: I knew that Quinn was all kinds of wrong the minute I set eyes on her. Oozing this phony charm and butter wouldn't melt. Thank God Charlie and I saw her true colors before she sprang a trap on Eric.

Ivy: Wait, she was after my uncle?

Pam: Barely in the door before she lasered in on him.

Ivy: She's horrifying.

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