B&B Best Lines Wednesday 9/3/14

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Wednesday 9/3/14


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Ivy: Should we just say hi to the elephant in the room?

Hope: Sorry?

Ivy: You heard what I said about Liam.

Hope: Pretty much every word. You and Liam are... dating?

Ivy: I mean, it's nothing official. Although if Liam did ask me, I wouldn't say no.

Hope: Wow. I don't know. I think -- I think if Liam asked you, maybe you should say no.

Ivy: Excuse me?

Hope: Yeah, you know, it's -- I mean, I know better than anybody, obviously, how wonderful Liam is. He is handsome and smart and successful. You know, what woman wouldn't find him attractive?

Ivy: No arguments here.

Hope: Yeah. I just think that your timing is off. You know, that's all. Liam and I, we had such an -- oh! -- Intense and, um... complicated relationship, and it ended so abruptly. I think that he is still processing that. I just -- I think that it would be better if you left Liam alone.

Ivy: Don't you think that's Liam's decision to make?

Hope: I'm sorry. Have I upset you in some way?

Ivy: I'm just -- I'm shocked. That's all. I'm a little shocked that you still think whoever Liam decides to see is any of your business. You know, Hope, if you really care about Liam, you should be supportive. You've moved on. Why can't he? Look, it's not my actions here who are questionable. I mean, why couldn't you wait a little while before rushing off to marry Wyatt? Blood tells, right?

Hope: What does that mean?

Ivy: Well, we all emulate our mothers. Subconsciously or not. I mean, your mum was involved with two brothers, as well, so...

Hope: Oh-ho, Ivy, my mother and I could not be more different.

Ivy: Hmm. Kind of looks the same from here.

Hope: Wow! The way you are speaking to me right now is so wildly inappropriate. I am your boss.

Ivy: I was brought here by my uncle Eric because I'm talented and because I'm a Forrester. This is my name. It's my family's business, my legacy. You're a Logan.

Hope: Don't get it twisted, Ivy. You were brought on to be a part of Hope for the Future, my line. My name. Show me some respect.

Ivy: Yeah, absolutely. As much as you deserve.

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