B&B Best Lines Wednesday 8/27/14

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Wednesday 8/27/14


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Quinn: Typical Liam. You are married to Hope. Why can't he just be a gracious loser and go away? It was a party to celebrate your wedding, and he had to lay some massive guilt trip on Hope? The best thing you ever did is rush her out of Paris and on to that yacht. My baby got married on the Spencer yacht. Why can't he mind his own business and stay out of yours?

Wyatt: Well, that makes two of you. I mean it, Mom. Stay away from Liam. Because the truth of the matter is, Hope and I wouldn't even be married if she knew Liam was there.

Quinn: Liam will never be half the man you are.

Wyatt: Mom, stop. Just stop that, okay? Don't talk about him, and don't do anything to him, okay?

Quinn: Come on, I might hate the little creep, but I'm not gonna make it my life's work to torture him.

Wyatt: Good! Because that's the last thing that I need right now. Look, I'm trying not to freak out here. Liam was in Paris, and if it hadn't been for some crazy accident with Ivy falling into the Seine, then who knows?

Quinn: Don't second-guess Hope! She married you! You were in Paris. The diamond brought the two of you together again!

Wyatt: You know, the police are still asking questions about Ricardo's death.

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