B&B Best Lines Friday 7/18/14

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Friday 7/18/14


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Bill: Talked my way out of what? You mean explaining what actually happened -- rationally, calmly, no punching, no dragging my bride across the sand? It was a one-time event -- a regrettable one. But it happened when Brooke and I weren't even together. In fact, it was the night she was marrying you. So, okay, I guess you're right. Horrifying. I mean, it certainly justified you rushing off to Abu Dhabi.

Katie: We didn't have all the details.

Bill: No, you didn't, and that's the point. Just had to stop me. So this -- this Justin being a pilot and -- you're trying to remember what happened. Your brain is trying to fill in the blanks, but there is one thing you know -- you hate me. You don't want me with Brooke. Now, you could have full-on amnesia, but that -- that you would know deep inside. So, these little -- little memories that you're having -- these images of Justin piloting the chopper -- that is just a manifestation of how much you despise me, how much you can't deal with me being with Brooke and being an influence on your son. You'll stop at nothing to keep that from happening, including accusing me of something that I couldn't possibly have done. Now, I'm not saying that you're lying. I think you actually believe these memories...but they're fake. Your mind is playing tricks on you, inventing this scenario. I'm no psychiatrist, but, I mean, come on. What other explanation could there be? You have to let go of your hatred. Accept that Brooke is happy with me. Then, and only then, will these fantasies that you're having in your head go away.

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