B&B Best Lines Wednesday 6/18/14

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Wednesday 6/18/14


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Justin: Man, this isn't good. You know, the time that's gone by -- got to start wondering about his chances for survival.

Bill: How the hell did this go so wrong? I just wanted to teach Ridge a lesson, let him go for a little swim. And what was I supposed to do? The guy crashes my wedding, shows Brooke the picture of me and Quinn, cheap-shots me in the face, grabs Brooke, and runs off. Man, I wasn't just gonna wave goodbye. And Ridge knew that. He deliberately provoked a reaction. And he got one. What -- what -- what's on your mind?

Justin: Something I didn't mention. You're not gonna like it.

Bill: Great. Let's hear it.

Justin: Before I got the word from you to dump Ridge in the gulf and cool him off, I-I think he might've seen me.

Bill: Ridge might've seen that you were the one piloting the chopper, and you're just telling me this now?

Justin: I figured you had enough on your plate, heading up the search.

Bill: Do me a favor. In the future, don't protect me at my own expense.

Justin: You have to understand. Originally, I was there to pick up you and Brooke, bring you home. I had no idea what was happening on the ground.

Bill: I know that, Justin. You also had no idea that Ridge had his own chopper standing by to whisk Brooke away.

Justin: He assumed that our helicopter was the one that he hired -- hustled Brooke aboard. Then I got the call from you to cool him off.

Bill: So, when do you think he saw it was you?

Justin: I was surprised when they boarded. I was wearing the Spencer Publications flight jacket.

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