B&B Best Lines Friday 6/13/14

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Friday 6/13/14


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Caroline: Is this a pattern with your mom?

Wyatt: One that I've had to put up with for a very long time.

Wyatt: You know, I spent most of my life trying to protect her from these impulses. I guess it's time to start looking out for myself.

Caroline: That's just how she operates, right?

Wyatt: Yeah, that's how she operates, but she's not selfish. She's reckless. She doesn't see the consequences, you know? She did what she wants, whenever he wants it and how she's gonna get it.

Caroline: Gee, I wonder what a woman like that would see in Uncle Bill.

Wyatt: She told me once that they're more alike than they wanted to admit.

Caroline: Yeah, but you're nothing like that

Wyatt: Hope changed me, Caroline. She showed me the value in honesty. The beauty in a thing done right for a right reasons. You know, those are -- those are lessons that I never really grew up with. Hope just -- she doesn't just see the best in people. She brings it out in them. She brought it out in me. My mother is still my mother. And Hope's had enough of the both of us.  

Caroline: That doesn't seem fair.

Wyatt: I told her. I told her that this thing with Dad would be dangerous.

Caroline: You knew?

Wyatt: About her feelings for Dad? Yeah. I told her to be careful, that someone could get hurt. Like Ridge. And his family. And she knew what was at stake. Our work with Forrester, my relationship with Hope. But it didn't matter. 'Cause there's no such thing as enough in her vocabulary. And then I told her about what happened with Hope and she was like, "No, don't worry, baby. I'll fix it."

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