B&B Best Lines Wednesday 5/14/14

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Wednesday 5/14/14


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Bill: Oh, boy. Are you selling evening gowns door to door again? I'm gonna have to pass. Janette, we're done. Thank you.

Bill: So, I guess you didn't come here to congratulate me.

Ridge: For what? For taking Katie's job or control over her son? If you want someone to congratulate you, you should probably call Brooke.

Bill: Well, I can congratulate you. Congratulations on your engagement to Katie.

Ridge: I'm sure that thrilled you.

Bill: Uh, well, I didn't exactly, uh, kick up my heels, but I do want Katie to be happy. And if you're the ticket, cheers.

Ridge: I appreciate that. Thank you. I wish I could say the same about you and Brooke.

You getting married to Brooke? Well, that's not gonna happen. It can't happen. I can't have you around my son. I just told you that.

Bill: Well, that's not your call. I'm going to be there. R.J.'s going to be there. We're gonna be hanging out, all right? I'm gonna teach him to ride motorcycles, fly a hot-air balloon. Come on! You know that's cool. He's a boy, and he's a great boy. He's gonna love it. You got to lighten up, grumpy. Why -- why don't you go, uh, sketch a new dress or something? Maybe that'll make you feel better. You think I want you hanging around my kid? I don't. But I am choosing to trust Katie. And you need to choose to trust Brooke.

Ridge: My trust in Brooke and her judgment went out the window the moment she took up with you.

Bill: Well, get over it, all right? You're obsessing. God, I am surrounded by that lately. Whether you like it or not, our paths are gonna cross, okay? Brooke is going to be with a man who is 100% devoted to her. We are getting married. Committed, no waffling. She is going to be my wife. Brooke will never again be your Logan.

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