B&B Best Lines Friday 4/11/14

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Friday 4/11/14


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Quinn: It's Wyatt's rightful name. I kept it from him for so long, but now that he knows about you, it feels right to let him acknowledge who he is.

Bill: Even if it makes you cringe.

Quinn: Oh, I used to be so bitter. I would drive by your billboards or see your magazines at the supermarket. I swore I would protect him and never let you near him. But...I don't cringe anymore.

Bill: So I won you over with my charming personality?

Quinn: Hardly. No, actually, it was something you said to me at Thanksgiving that stuck with me. You wanted me to know the father you are now versus the one you would have been then. You were a cruel, disgusting man. "Boy," I should say. But today, you're not the father that you would have been then. I mean, you're no Ward Cleaver, but I do know you care about your sons.

Bill: I would have cared about him then, too. Regardless of the way I acted when you told me you were pregnant.

Quinn: I kept my son from knowing half of who he was. And that wasn't fair. I'd like to give him the chance to be a Spencer -- if that's what he wants. I-I don't know if he will. I can't believe I am coming to you with this.

Bill: Well, I can't believe you came to me with a whip.

Quinn: Well, it's our little secret. Just give our son your name. He's proud to be your kid. The other day, somebody called him Mr. Spencer right in front of me, and the way his face lit up, like he wanted it to be true... I want to make it true.

Bill: You know, uh, I like us getting along like this. Never thought I could trust you, let alone forgive you for keeping my son from me. But I believe your offer is sincere. So maybe it's time to make it official with Wyatt. I'll consider it.

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