B&B Best Lines Wednesday 4/2/14

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Wednesday 4/2/14


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Caroline: You're minimizing Rick’s achievements. He has worked his butt off running this company, so show the man some respect.

Ridge: Hey, I know it's hard. I was C.E.O. for many years.

Rick: Yeah. It was falling apart when you left.

Caroline: And now you come in and you're questioning Rick and you're criticizing Hope for the Future.

Rick: We cannot survive on couture alone. Would think that you would know that by now, Ridge.

Caroline: Look, you are a great designer. But to say that HFTF is too popular -- that's -- that's crazy. Maybe couture is the foundation of this company, what it was built on back in the day, but times change, Ridge. We have to keep evolving. So, if you want to be a part of this company, I suggest that you get your head out of the '90s, put a little pencil in your hand, and get to sketching, because you taking over this company from Rick is not an option for you, okay?

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