B&B Best Lines Monday 3/31/14

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Monday 3/31/14


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Quinn: I was thinking that I would sneak out the back as you left, but she might have seen me. I really need to get out of these clothes.

Bill: Uh, not here, you don’t.

Quinn: Hmm. It's highly amusing how you defend your endangered virtue.

Bill: What exactly is your angle, Quinn?

Quinn: I think I've been a pretty stand-up guy for you, wouldn't you say?

Bill: Well, y-you did stay pretty still in there. I-I will give you that.

Quinn: That, I did.

Bill: You could have screwed things up for me or at least attempted to, but you didn’t. Why?

Quinn: Oh, you would have loved that, wouldn't you? Me and Brooke pulling each other's hair, rolling around on the floor. What would be the point? I don't want to steal you away from her. Frankly, I don't think she's really clear on whether she wants you back, either. But you are still so shallow and so arrogant, but I do like you a little bit more now that you've had your heart broken a little bit. And I think we have Brooke to thank for that.

Bill: She doesn't need to know about...this.

Quinn: What? This? Oh. Oh, you and me?

Bill: No, no. No. There is no "You and me." This little freak session, where you jumped my bones, it never should have happened in the first place.

Quinn: Oh, please. You really think I want anyone else to know about this? You threw my reputation in the sewer once before. I'm not letting it happen again.

Bill: Good. Because this didn't mean anything, anyway. Right?

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