B&B Best Lines Wednesday 3/26/14

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Wednesday 3/26/14


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Pam: You two behaving yourselves?

Wyatt: Liam here thinks that poor Hope has been misled.

Pam: You know, I wouldn't worry too much about that one. She's gonna do what she does regardless of you two.

Wyatt: Which is exactly why she's with me -- because I believe in her. I encourage her to do bigger and better. You just hold her back.

Liam: Well, you do spoon-feed her large doses of charm. She seems to like that, but eventually, she's gonna gag.

Wyatt: How ironic. You think that you know her so well, but you really don't. That sweet, little high-school girl is all grown up. And it happened right after she left you.

Liam: See, and I bet you think it's 'cause she needed the right man.

Wyatt: I'm glad you -- you recognize that.

Liam: Do you understand that the more I'm around you, the more confident I get? I love your arrogance, Wyatt, 'cause it means you're setting yourself up.

Wyatt: Oh, for the big fall where she dumps me and she comes crawling back to you? Let me get this straight. Is that -- is that before or after we make a bunch of money on this lingerie line?

Liam: Wow, you really think this is gonna happen. I love this. I love this.

Wyatt: It's happening, brother.

Liam: Fine. Fine. How do you think Aly is handling this whole thing?

Wyatt: Aly? Aly is out of control, and Hope is reining her in right now.

Liam: You sure it's not the other way around?

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