B&B Best Lines Thursday 2/27/14

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Thursday 2/27/14


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Bill: You know what you did. You can't walk in here every time you feel like it.

Quinn: The door was unlocked.

Bill: I'm gonna have to be more diligent about that.

Quinn: Oh, don't be such a grump. We're like family.

Bill: No. You are not my family. You are the mother of my son. Period.

Quinn: You weren't making a lot of distinctions in your bedroom.

Bill: Evils of alcohol. Sorry about that.

Quinn: I'm not. In any event, it happened, and you can't take it back.

Bill: No. But I can make sure it doesn't happen again.

Quinn: Don't make promises you can't keep. I mean, who would have thunk it? You and me would be lovers again.

Bill: No. No. That's what I'm trying to make you understand. We are not lovers. We had sex. Adult consensual sex. And I shouldn't have let that happen. But you caught me with my guard down after more than a couple of drinks.

Quinn: Don't you even say that I took advantage of you. You were an active participant.

Bill: Whatever. I'm in love with Brooke. And what happened between us does not change that.

Quinn: The fact is Brooke's made it very clear that she's not that into you. So, why don't you just lick your wounds until they heal and then when you come up for air, take a look around. You might like what you see. I mean, we could be the -- we could be the bizarro couple for the ages.

Bill: You and me?

Quinn: Who knows? Let me make you dinner. We'll eat, bat it around. Bat each other around. Come on. You want to unleash your inner beast with me?

Bill: Listen, Quinn. I don't want to hurt you, all right? But I can't let you think we are at the beginning of something. We are not. I was in a bad place. I had way too much to drink.

Quinn: And evil Quinn took advantage of poor, defenseless you.

Bill: I never would have initiated it. But you -- you were single-minded. Almost like you had an agenda. Which begs the question. Are you going to come to me in a couple of months and tell me you're pregnant?

Quinn: Pregnant?! Oh, no. Wait. No, you've really -- no, you really need to get over yourself. I'm going to grind my life to a screeching halt yet again to have another child with you, why? Why? Because you were such a great father the first time around?

Bill: You never gave me a chance.

Quinn: Yes, and I am not going to give it to you again. No, having a child is nowhere on my list of priorities. Especially not with you.

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