B&B Best Lines Friday 2/21/14

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Friday 2/21/14


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Quinn: Alone with your best friend?

Bill: I...am not so drunk that I know you are not Liam. I do know that you are definitely not my best friend.

Quinn: No. But that bottle is, especially today.

Bill: Okay, girl. Shake your tail. Let's see what kind of little victory dance you have in you.

Quinn: As much as I despise you, Bill... I am not here to gloat.

Bill: Gloat. I deserve it.

Quinn: Sleeping with your wife's sister -- what did you expect?

Bill: Well, I expected that Brooke wanted this as much as I did.

Quinn: Of course, because it's always all about you.

Bill: Why am I even talking to you? You would never understand.

Quinn: Why? Because I've never felt the kind of love you feel for Brooke?

Bill: Bingo.

Quinn: Mind if I join you?

Bill: Open bar.

Quinn: Mm. To that old familiar feeling.

Bill: Which is?

Quinn: The sting of being dumped by your one and only. I know the feeling, and now so do you. So... tell me. What have you learned from this disaster?

Bill: It was not a disaster.

Quinn: No. I beg to differ. You, uh, broke up your marriage, you lost control of your company, and your mistress dumped you.

Bill: The mistake I made was trusting Katie that she would not take me to the cleaners, steal my company, restrict the time I have with my son.

Quinn: Hmm. The mistake she made was trusting you not to sleep with her sister.

Bill: She wanted me to sleep with her sister. She plans this trip to Aspen, the hot-air balloon ride. Are you kidding me?

Quinn: Shall I play devil's advocate?

Bill: No, you shall not.

Quinn: You don't like to take responsibility for your actions.

Bill: Oh, I take...plenty of responsibility.

Quinn: Really? No. You didn't with me. Oh, but wait. No. It was my fault that I got pregnant. My bad.

Bill: Could have been avoided.

Quinn: You really don't want to go there with me now, do you?

Bill: You really don't want to go there with -- What -- what do you want? What, another apology?

Quinn: Oh, no! No! I don't want another one of your apologies, because, to be honest with you, your apologies -- they suck.

Bill: Well, you really just have quite a way with words, don't you?

Quinn: Yeah. But I did use to make you laugh, didn't I?

Bill: I don't know. Maybe you did. A little bit.

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