B&B Best Lines Thursday 2/6/14

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Thursday 2/6/14


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Oliver: Yeah, well, that's why they call it a job. Besides, uh, you're one to talk, Mr. Surf Instructor. Your job's basically an excuse to hang out with girls in bikinis all day.

Donovan: Somebody's got to.

Oliver: Hey. Can you hit my friend? Dude looks like he needs a drink.

Liam: Dude, you have no idea.

Oliver: I know that look. It means Hope.

Liam: Just when I think i know exactly what she's gonna do, hope does the opposite.

Donovan: I thought you and Hope called it quits. I've been seeing her around with Wyatt.

Oliver: I don't want to jinx it. I'm kind of a long shot as it is. So, what about you? You ready to move on? Maybe why you stopped in here tonight?

Liam: Uh, n-no, man. Hope's the only woman alive.

Oliver: Must be tough for you, knowing she's with Wyatt right now.

Liam: It's excruciating -- and not just because of the jealousy thing. I mean, I know there is that. It's just 'cause I know -- I know -- that nothing good can come from Hope being involved with those...Fullers.

Oliver: Do you really think they're bad people?

Liam: Oliver, they've already proven it, dude. Just think about it. Wyatt moves in -- immediately starts putting me down to my dad and to Hope. He kisses Hope in my living room, knowing that she's engaged to me. Meanwhile, you got Quinn, who accesses my e-mail, sends a video I made for Steffy to Hope, arranges for Steffy's return on my wedding day, writes a note to Hope directing her to the cabin, where she's gonna see me with Steffy -- wedding's off. Hope takes off with Wyatt. That's the first time. But Quinn's just getting started. Then she traps me in an elevator so her shady son can whisk Hope out of town again, this time on a trip guaranteed to "progress" their relationship, which it obviously did. Shall I go on? Quinn and Wyatt are not good people.

Oliver: I think I got it.

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