B&B Best Lines Friday 11/22/13

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Friday 11/22/13


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Wyatt: Wow. You can't leave before I congratulate you. Wow. You really stepped up your game. Whining to Daddy. Bold move, yoga boy.

Liam: Well, I wasn't having any luck getting through to you.

Wyatt: Hmm. Neither did he. Did Liam tell you about this?

Hope: We were just discussing it.

Wyatt: Mmm. I can't wait to hear what kind of spin he put on it.

Hope: Liam just said he went to Bill and asked for support.

Wyatt: He invited Bill to interfere in your life. After everything he's put you through, you'd just ask him to step in? Who you gonna ask next? Eric? You gonna ask him to rip up our contract now?

Liam: You know, I am so sick of this. This may be fun for you, but this is my life.

Wyatt: You can live it any way you want, my brother. Just know that you might not be living it with Hope.

Liam: Do you know that there's something off about you? There has been ever since the day you showed up. It's -- it's the way that you do things, really. The way that you kissed Hope, the way you disrespect me, our father, the way you inserted yourself into Forrester, the hope for the future diamond, that sketchy attempted robbery.

Wyatt: Oh, you're jealous.

Liam: I don't know, Wyatt. Something just doesn't feel right.

Wyatt: To you. But I can assure you it does feel right to Hope.

Liam: Hope doesn't see it, because you know better than to show it to her, but there is something very wrong with you. You and your mother.

Wyatt: Nice. Nice. Bring my mom into it. That's very classy.

Liam: Sending that video to Hope? She crossed a line. That is shady, Wyatt. And now I know where you get it. Yeah. I will enlist my father and Eric and anyone or anything that will keep you in check. So, please, enjoy, savor this attention you're getting from Hope right now, because slow and steady wins the race, and you are two steps shy from blowing it, my brother. That I can assure you.

Wyatt: Oh, God! I love it! I love it. "Slow and steady wins the race." All right.

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