B&B Best Lines Thursday 9/5/13

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Thursday 9/5/13


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Wyatt: You know, I-I thought I'd fit in -- you know, be a part of the Spencer empire -- the company, the family. I started to get caught up in it. Envisioning this whole new life for myself -- the father, a brother -- two brothers. I thought I'd be some media big wig along with them. The Spencer men.  Wow. Well, that's over now. Back to being myself again.

Quinn: From what I remember, Bill doesn't like to be told he's wrong.

Wyatt: He's beyond wrong. Leaving that little boy -- that's not how to be a father. And I'm not stupid. I-I know I may have overreacted, and I know the reasons why. But it think he's making a big mistake. He should do everything that he can to make that marriage work. And I don't regret telling him. I'm not the kind of person who hides his feelings.

Quinn: No, you never have been. I know you were looking forward to that life -- having a father, being a Spencer, but --

Wyatt: Yeah, when I thought he was a great guy. But he's not. He's womanizer, immoral. I-I admire his business sense and he's made a lot of money and he definitely knows how to run a company, but...that doesn't matter. I mean, what good is all that if you're a jerk? He's leaving his wife for her sister. And that poor little boy has to grow up with that. I don't fit in there. And I don't want to now that I know him.

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