B&B Best Lines Thursday 8/29/13

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Thursday 8/29/13


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Katie: I just think you need to be prepared for what you're in for, being Bill's son.

Wyatt: Nothing, apparently, if he doesn't even think twice about walking out on his baby.

Katie: I'm sure he'll be involved.

Wyatt: And what does that mean? A phone call once a month, a weekend here or there? Well, that's not enough. A kid deserves more from his father.

Katie: Bill's never really known how to be a father. He didn't have any kind of role model. His -- his own father probably barely said two words to him growing up.

Wyatt: So that's how he thinks this works? Have a few kids and count on the mothers to raise them and then bring them back into the fold once they're old enough to share a drink?

Katie: Well, he didn't know about you and Liam. And with Will... he says he wants to be involved. I guess we'll see.

Wyatt: He knew my mother was pregnant. Handed her money, told her to take care of it, and then walked away. And then I came back into his life as if he deserved me.

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