B&B Best Lines Friday 7/12/13

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Friday 7/12/13


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Katie: Let me explain what Karen is doing here. See, while you were out buying tiaras and doing God knows what with my sister, I've been spending time with yours. And we've grown close. She respects me and what I'm capable of.

Karen: You lost an exceptional woman here. She's got a great head for business, too. Remember how she used to run Forrester Creations?

Bill: "She used to run Forester Creations? I appointed her C.E.O. of Forrester Creations. Do you have a point?

Karen: The wind shifted today. You and I are no longer equal partners in Spencer publications. Katie owns 1%. That knocks you down to 49%, which makes me the majority shareholder. And, as such, I have made my first executive decision. Would you like to tell him?

Bill: Somebody better.

Katie: Well, Karen has reminded me that I am more than just my shattered illusions. I'm more than just your wife. And I don't have to curl up in a ball and be a victim because of my unfaithful husband. I can fight back. She's reminded of who I used to be -- energetic and confident and business savvy. That's the Katie Logan I want to be. Unfortunately, I can't do that with you around.

Bill: Where are you going with this?

Katie: Karen appointed me C.E.O. of Spencer Publications today. Effectively immediately, you're fired.

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