B&B Best Lines Wednesday 7/3/13

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Wednesday 7/3/13


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Katie: You need to leave. Go pack a bag.

Bill: This is my home.

Katie: No. No, you -- you gave me this house. Don't you remember? It was a gift for your family. This is your son's home. He should be able to trust his surroundings, even if he can't trust his father.

Brooke: Katie, you really should be careful what you say in the heat of the moment.

Katie: I think that's the moral of this story. I need to mean it when I say it's over and let it be the end. But you know us youngest children, Brooke. I stand up for myself, and then I start feeling scared and insecure, and I backpedal. I listen to my heart beating in the dark at night, and it sounds like someone trying to beat down a door. It sounds like a countdown to something terrible, and I will say and do...anything... anything to not be alone. I guess I have the two of you to thank for curing me of that.

Bill: All right. You've drawn a line in the sand so many times, I guess it was just a -- just a matter of time before I crossed one of them.

Katie: Too bad it had to be the one about sleeping with family members.

Bill: You will not keep me from my son. I don't need a bag. I'll send someone. This place already feels like a house of matchsticks.

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