B&B Best Lines Thursday 6/13/13

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Thursday 6/13/13


Provided By Wanda

Bill: Oh, look at you -- all spunky, fired up.

Maya: I get it. You're a powerful man, accustomed to being the boss, little minions scurrying around to fetch you coffee, wheatgrass juice, whatever.

Bill: The minions enjoy the opportunity to fetch and scurry about. That's how they keep their jobs.

Maya: Well, I don't work for you, and I don't have to do what you say.

Bill: No. No, you don't. God bless America. Home of the free, land of the brave, all that stuff. Freedom of choice. Hey, you know, I don't know the answer to this, but you might. Do they serve wheatgrass in the joint? You know, I get a kick out of you. I almost like you. A strong, attractive woman not afraid to speak her mind. It'd be a shame to see all that gravitas wasting away in a prison cell.

Maya: All because you don't want me with Rick.

Bill: Hey, you're the one who disobeyed a judge's order. He told you to stay away from that loser boyfriend of yours. It's not my fault that you were hanging all over him in a nightclub.

Maya: That picture you have of me is completely innocent, a chance encounter.

Bill: It's enough of a violation to send you back to the joint.

Maya: Why are you doing this? Why are you wasting your time on me? A guy like you, owner of a major media empire. It's laughable.

Bill: If my niece is happy, my sister's happy. If my sister's happy, I'm happy. And if I'm happy, all the world is smiling. Simple enough for you?

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