B&B Best Lines Friday 5/31/13

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Friday 5/31/13


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Pam: I'm sorry to interrupt, but I have really been thinking about this Brooke problem.

Eric: Brooke problem?

Pam: Yeah. No, she's gone totally diva on us. She hasn't showed up for any of her lingerie fittings for the press conference, and she just makes excuse after excuse after excuse.

Taylor: Brooke putting off an opportunity to put on lingerie? Well, what's going on with her? Why would she do that?

Pam: Hello? Cold feet? I mean, let's be honest. She's not as young as she used to be, and I think that she's second-guessing the whole campaign. But I thought of something. If she's really nervous about being this mature model for the line that she created, I think there is another option.

Eric: And what's that?

Pam: Ta-da! Pammy's boudoir. Now, I-I've been practicing at home, you know, with heels and everything, so just hold on. I think I got the looks down and all that, so just stand like you're at the end of a runway. Ready? Okay. First look. Smoldering. Next...pouting. Oh, and...the look back.

Taylor: Yeah, yeah. Somebody else besides Brooke running around here in their lingerie? It's about time.

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