B&B Best Lines Wednesday 4/17/13

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Wednesday 4/17/13


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Caroline: Oh, I thought I heard voices. Oh, Myrna. What a surprise.

Rick: It's Maya, and, uh, I think it would serve you well to finally get around to learning it, since she's now working for us.

Caroline: I'm sorry. Maya's doing what now?

Maya: Oh. You do know my name.

Caroline: I didn't realize that we were hiring. How could she have possibly cleared the criminal-background check? I mean, does she even know how to sew?

Maya: Sew? Is that something I should learn how to do?

Caroline: Well, if you want to work in the sewing room, yes. Rick, listen, I know that your heart is in a good place, and it is great to be charitable. Trust me. I am the first person to write a check for a worthy cause, but don't ask her to do this. I mean, how is it helping her by putting her in a job that she can't even function in? I mean...with her criminal background... do we really want to take on that liability?

Rick: I didn't hire her for the sewing room.

Caroline: Oh, well, great. Although, you should probably learn how to sew if you want to advance, or, you know, any skill at all. So, are you putting her in shipping with Thorne? That's a really smart idea -- making him deal with her.

Rick: Actually, she's gonna be working with Hope mostly.

Caroline: What? No, Rick. That's -- no. Mnh-mnh. I agree -- Hope needs an assistant, but did they teach you typing in prison or some sort of computer course?

Rick: Maya's gonna be using her incredible voice, body to be one of the spokesmodels for the Hope for the Future line.

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