B&B Best Lines Wednesday 3/20/13

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Wednesday 3/20/13


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Brooke: Katie, what are you doing? You've got to ease up. You're making this alcohol issue into a big deal when it isn't one. You can't lecture him, especially a strong-willed man like Bill. He is very successful. He is very driven. He loves you. He adores Will. I don't think you realize what you really have. And he's very loyal to the people he cares about.

Katie: Wow. Listen to you -- so full of admiration and praise for my husband. I would think it was great if I didn't know better, but this is how it starts, isn't it? Listen, I get that you want to save the company and that Bill's trying to help you, but you're anything but naive. He's a man, and here you are, dressed like this, alone with him.

Brooke: Katie, please. You've got to understand --

Katie: No. Bill and I are a family, and I will not be one of your victims. We both know your history. I know exactly what happens when you get caught up in something and you follow your heart. You end up in bed with the wrong man. And it sure as hell is not going to be mine.

Brooke: Stop taking Bill for granted. He's a wonderful husband, a wonderful father. He's been very patient, very forgiving. Sometimes I don't think you realize how lucky you are to have a man like Bill in your life.

Katie: You think you can just take him from me, don't you? That you can have any man you want?

Brooke: Where's all this coming from? I told you -- nothing is going on between bill and me. I don't even see him that way.

Katie: Oh, I can hear it in your voice. I can see it in your eyes -- that -- that look you get when you want something. You're compelled to go after it. You think you can just take my husband from me with your lingerie and your flirty, little giggle and everything else you do that captivates men.

Brooke: You're kidding me, right? I mean, you actually think I'm gonna make a move on your husband?

Katie: Oh, it's coming. I don't know how or when, but it's coming. You will make that move, you will cross that line, and you won't be able to take it back, Brooke.

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