B&B Best Lines Thursday 3/7/13

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Thursday 3/7/13


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Katie: Listen, I totally understand why Brooke wouldn't want Taylor to become romantically involved with Eric. I mean, Stephanie hasn't been gone that long. But they're consenting adults. I don't really know what she or you, for that matter, could do to come between them.

Bill: It's not about coming between them. It's about Brooke reasserting herself at the company. Listen, I'm no expert on Taylor, although in some of my dealings with her -- well, I have had to question her professional and personal judgment. Having said that, I don't know what her motives are. Maybe she has genuine feelings for Eric. Maybe she's just making a power play and using him to position herself and her family at the company. The point is... Brooke has a proven track record. And in business, it's all about money, and the more money, the stronger the bottom line. Brooke is a proven sales generator.

Katie: That's very true. The "Brooke's Bedroom" line was a phenomenon.

Bill: Most profitable line in the company's history.

Katie: And BeLieF made the company a lot of money, as well.

Bill: Right. So Brooke needs to get back in the game. Once she's generating sales, she can't be squeezed out.

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