B&B Best Lines Thursday 2/28/13

The Bold and The Beautiful Best Lines Thursday 2/28/13


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Bill: Listen, the second that kid comes out, the very second that comes out, you're going to introduce my grandchild to the wonderful world of dirt-bike racing, which is something I know that motorcycle mama -- and I do mean mama -- can appreciate. Ah. I am so proud of you. Boy... girl... we got everything covered. And you -- you never looked more beautiful. Look at you. A new Spencer's percolating in there.

Liam: Dad, what is going on with you?

Bill: What's going on? I'm excited! I'm thrilled! Are you kidding me? What, this? Oh, well, let's see what we got. Actually, there is a ton more stuff coming. But just to get you started -- I don't know. We got -- there's onesies. There's bottles. There's bouncers. A little early? A little early. I'm going to be a granddad. I never thought you would happen, let alone a grandchild! Are you kidding me? So, you know, excuse me if I'm a little over the top.

Liam: Dad, she's fine! Look. She's fine.

Bill: She better stay fine. You take really good care of her. This is big stuff. There's a new generation of Spencer in there. I'm so thrilled. To have it come out this way after everything that we have been through together. This is one good-looking kid. Looks just like his granddad.

Liam: He may be a she.

Bill: He, she, whatever. Looks just like me. All right, how about Caspary? You like her?

Steffy: Oh, yeah, she's excellent.

Bill: If you change your mind, I will fly the best Ob/Gyn here that money can buy.

Liam: Dad, don't micromanage. It only gets you in trouble.

Bill: You have a good point there. This is your time to shine, Liam. And I know you will. You do understand the significance of this, don't you?

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